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CETIA As An Important Voice for Our Industry

by bschneider 28. February 2013 11:57

Over the last little while I've been corresponding with Susan over at the California Emissions Testing Industries Association. I can't emphasis enough how important CETIA is to Test-Only and Star Certified Stations. Susan and her team have been doing important things in Sacramento to protect the Test-Only Industry. Since Star Certified and Test-Only Businesses make up so many of our customers, we want to help CETIA in its mission. We feel this is one more way that Demand Advantage can help grow our customers' buinesses.

We will be looking into rolling out a promotional campaign that helps CETIA increase its membership. The more Star and Test-Only Stations have a voice through CETIA, the stronger we will all be. Keep checking back for exciting news related to our new campaign!   In the meantime, point your browser over to and see for yourself all the great things they're doing.

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