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by Administrator 21. August 2013 08:05

AB 2289 became effective in California with the start of 2013. If you are a smog check only station you should take a hard review the effect of these modifications on the market and the result on your business.

1. Smog Test Prices Will Likely go Down in 2013

AB 2289 enables vehicles that have a model year of 2000 or later to be be checked utilizing just info from their automobiles' on-board emissions computer system. All vehicles of that model year or later have exhaust diagnosis programming as on their car. It is this tracking system that is a typical reason for your "check engine" light showing on your dash panel.

Under current regulation, smog check locations make use of information from this computer system along with a pipeline test where a sensor is placed inside the tail pipeline and the automobile is tested on a dynomometer at certain car rates.

2. If You Own a Repair Facility You Cannot Operate a Smog Test Only Site at the Same Location.

The language in the licensing for Smog Test Only locations disallows the grant of the license if the company holds an interest in a repair facility in the same location.

Many smog test locations also offer some type of quick oil change service. If you have a Smog and Lube location you will not be able to renew your smog test only license if you continue to offer auto services.

3. Who Wants Less Money.

Offering more services mean more money for you and more convenience for your customers.

4. More Industries Mean More Security

Doesn't "Why put all your eggs in one basket", make sense. If your company is entirely dependent on one type of company, smog tests for instance a decline that market can wipe your business out. In these unpredictable times, it makes sense to widen your services so that you can decrease this risk.

5. Demand Advantage - One System to Grow your Auto Service Business

DemandAdvantage allows consumers to discover and buy your service everywhere: mobile phones, internet searches, at your locations, and via e-mail and direct mail advertising. If you own a smog test only location and want to change to test and repair contact us, as our system DemandAdvantage complies with California BAR regulations for smog checks AND supports a complete auto repair or quick oil change service. Using our system you can quickly alter to a smog and lube and run and expand your company using one system.


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