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5 Reasons Why Smog Advantage is Better Than Smog Master Software

by Joseph Vandertol 3. October 2016 17:31

OK There are More Than 5 Reasons But We Had to Start Somewhere

If you are reading this blog post you are already interested in moving your business forward and using computerized work orders over paper work orders.  We have tried very hard to make sure our software helps your business and we continue to improve it month on month with new features.  So we know you guys are busy so we'll get right down to it.  The first reason that Smog Advantage is better than Smog Master Work Order Software is:

1. We are Cheaper Than Smog Master and Cheaper Than Paper

We listed this reason first because we wanted you to say, "Wow, they have all these features that Smog Master Software doesn't AND their cheaper.  Wow".  That's the truth, we do everything Smog Master Work Order System does AND WAY More.  Plus we charge a flat rate while Smog Master Software charges per work order.  That means the more you make the more Smog Master Software takes.  With every additional smog you do, you pay us less per smog.  Finally, we also charge you less, as of the writing of this article, the minimum fee for Smog Master Work Order System is 50 dollars.  Smog Advantage is just 39/mo if you do less than 10 smogs a week and only 49/mo if you do more.   Never more.  Which mean as you work harder, you keep more in your pocket.

2. We Create Work Orders Faster and Let You Work Your Way

Smog Advantage has three different interfaces: A traditional desktop interface like Smog Master Software; a tablet version and a self-service kiosk.  We know that different shops run their business differently and so we provide a way for our software to work the way you want to.

Self Service Kiosk

Many shops hand a paper work order to the customer and have them fill out the work order while they are smogging another vehicle.  While sliding the customer drivers license is fast and works for many shops, it may not be what you want to do.  That's why we have a kiosk verison where the customer can fill in their vehicle and address information just like they do with a paper work order.  When you're ready, you simply add the smog price and the customer signs either a paper work order printed from the desktop or signs the tablet and the signature is digitized into the work order.  If you get their email, we'll send a reminder to come visit your shop free.

Smog Advantage Mobile

Our tablet version lets you create a work order complete with a digitized customer signature on any Windows, Android or Apple mobile device.  A tech can walk around and create work orders even using their phone.  With a bluetooh scanner you can also scan DMV notices, BUT as with all our interfaces, you can also decode complete vehicle information by simply entering the vehicle license plate.

Smog Advantage Desktop

This was our first version of software and it is the most fully featured.  Simply swipe the customer drivers license, scan the DMV, or vehicle bar code OR, simply enter the vehicle plate and we will present the VIN, Year, Make and Model of the car.  We will also display the ARD, date the and the test result of the most recent smog test for the vehicle.  Testing a vehcile that fails which you have previously tested can affect your pass through STAR score.  We also show you the vehicle engine type, which sometimes is not shown on the vehicle so you can easily enter it into the testing machine.

3. We're In the Cloud

A number of our customer came to us after losing all their data due to a hard drive crash.  Our site is mirrored two servers and backed up continuously so that if one server fails the other will be available and your data is backed up every 5 minutes.  Not all web based solutions do this, some companies are hosted on cheap servers with very little security.  Like it or not we are all dependent on the Internet.  You can't even process credit cards if it goes down.  So why not be able to use it to your advantage.  Create a work order on one computer and continue working on it on another.  Have you service writer start the work order and then your tech completes it.  You can even check how many work orders your shop has done from your phone.  It's the beauty of the cloud. 

4. We Market Your Shop Automatically

If you get the customers email address we send out a reminder email to your customer 22 months from their last work order date.   The best way to keep your customers business is to contact them before they start looking elsewhere.  We provide this service for free!  In addition we can optionally send out post card reminders from one of our post card templates and we also do Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).  EDDM sends a postcard out to every household in a target area for as low as 33 cents per post card.  A great way to build your business.

5. We Are Multi-Location Right Out of The Box

Since we are web based we are multi-location requiring no "Server" hardware and giving you full capability to manage your shops from anywhere not just reporting capabilities.  All related shop locations share vehicles and customers.  So once a vehicle is brought into any of your shops their information and the customer information comes up automatically.

There are many more reasons why Smog Advantage is the best smog check work order software for your shop.  For a side by side feature comparison of Smog Master Software vs Smog Advantage check out this page on our website:

5 Reasons to Stop Using Paper Smog Check Work Orders

by Administrator 10. January 2015 19:48

I don't know about you but our customers want to be able to get a work order done fast.  Nothing slows a smog check down than writing.  Nevertheless it is amazing how many smog shops continue to use them.  This article takes a look at paper work orders and the true cost of using them.

We Save You More Money Than The Competition

cost difference between paper, smog master and smog advantage

We are all about small business. If your shop averages less than 10 workorder a day then we have special small shop pricing of $39.95 dollars per month. Small business is what makes America great and we want to do what we can to help. If you do 10 or more smogs a day on average per month we have great flat rate pricing of 49.95/month. Because we charge the same amount as your shop volume grows our cost goes down. That makes sense doesn't it, price with volume usually goes down. Other systems charge you the same meaning that as your grow their costs will grow at the same rate.

Our nearest competitor cost you nearly double easy flat rate pricing. Over 3 years that's nearly $4,000.00 dollars unneeded expense. Our system is easier to use, more flexible and fully featured. All this at a flat lower per monthly plan.

Paper Work Orders Cost You Sales

Every time you smog check a vehicle you should do everything you can to smog check the other vehicle that is in the household.  Most households in California have multiple cars, the average is 2 vehicles  Many smog shops do nothing to gather address or email information from their customers.  The logic is that it takes too long or is too hard to gather the info.  You already have the customer in the shop if you don't take the time to market a smog check for the other vehicle you are likely giving a customer away to your competitors.

If you use Smog Advantage from Demand Advantage we give you the option to run your business your way and make it easy to gather marketing information from your customers.

  1. Using a simple card reader you can swipe the customers drivers license and gather complete address information into the work order in a few seconds. 
  2. We have a field to enter a customers' email address.  Our customers have found that an easy way to gather this info is to say that you will email the invoice to them which will reduce pollution and help you be a "green" shop.
  3. If you don't want to gather this information the minimum data is first name, last name and a phone number to complete a work order.

If you can get the customers email address you can send email coupons and reminders to them using a CAN-SPAM compliant email system very inexpensively.  If you have their address information you can mail postcards.  Whatever you do, do something because doing nothing means you are likely losing a sale down the line.  If you are using paper work order this is exactly what you are doing, throwing opportunity away.

Automated Work Orders are Fast

Smog Advantage will automatically lookup or create a customer by scanning their drivers license.  Smog Advantage will automatically input year, make and model by decoding a VIN scanned from the DMV paperwork or even the vehicle door or body.  Smog Advantage can be used from a tablet meaning that you can bring the system where ever you are.  Finally and most importantly by gathering this information automatically you are also enabling your smog shop to market back to your customers.  Automating work orders are not for everyone.  Some people just like things the way they were.  But look around you, is this the same world it was even 5 years ago?  Realize you need to market your business more then ever to grow or even survive in this market and using Smog Advantage you can do that just by creating work orders.

But Wait - There's More Than Work Orders website smog check locations and coupons

We know that smog coupons are the most common way to drive business to your shop.  So we offer an integrated smog check coupon site that allows you to manage your coupons from the same work order system.  You can check it out at  It is a mobile friendly site which is important as a growing number of users seach the internet from their phones.  You can place one, two, three, coupons how ever many you want.  We give you 3 months free.  After a couple of smog checks every customer that comes in from is pure profit.

Smog Advantage runs multiple shops

Smog Advantage enable commission based technician reporting

Smog Advantage is cloud based web system that you can run from anywhere

Smog Advantage can be run from a tablet so you can scan VINs from vehicles in the service bay

Smog Advantage has an integrete coupon marketing site.

Smog Advantage is a CarFax partner which will market your smog shop in their CarFax network FREE!

So what are you waiting for, contact use at


smog check

What Is and How Can a Free Coupon Website and Repair Order System Help

by Administrator 19. January 2014 14:31

Don't get caught out, don't miss out on all the saving and new business for your smog shop CLICK HERE! go to Demand Advantage now!

Many people don't know about the industry resources available to both consumers and businesses regarding the California smog check program. Many of these important resources are found at This article will cover two basic topics: For the smog check industry the article describes the information available at to help you run your business plus important information about Smog Advantage a FREE smog check repair order system with a FREE 90 day trial for smog check coupons to help drive more business to your smog shop location.

Save Hundreds of Dollars Using this FREE Repair Order and Smog Check Coupon Website that is Compliant

Did you know that after ads and local search Google displays as few at 10 listing on the first page of an Internet search. Are there more than 10 smog shops nearby your shop? Did you know that most people never get past the second page of a search on Google. If your shop is not on page one or two you are not seen by the majority of people looking for your business. How many calls do you receive each day claiming to place you on page one? Do you believe them?


Most people don't enter their location, they just search for smog check, or smog test. Competition for a listing on page one is very fierce. But now you can place on page one without paying an arm and a leg and save hundreds of dollars at the same time. Use our inexpensive smog check portal We are offering a free 90 trial. Pay nothing for 90 days and if we don't bring you business then you still pay nothing. In addition we give your a FREE smog check repair order system that allows you to save hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars a year. Plus this same software allows you to manage all of your coupons and reviews at Add some simple javascript in and the same coupons are on your site.

Don't Get Fined - Use a Smog Check Program that is Compliant with Regulations at

In addition to following the same rules as all other auto repair dealers, smog shops must also display two critical items as described at The Air Resource Board (ARB) requires that the response of customer for a tire pressure check is documented on the invoice. If this information does not appear you are subject to a fine for each infraction. How many invoices to you print a month. How many have tire pressure information on them? You also must document the outcome of the test: Pass, Fail or Abort and the certificate number. Aborted test are particularly important in the age of the STAR program. The BAR views aborted tests suspiciously as it could mean the technician aborted the test to avoid having to fail the vehicle. If you don't maintain documentation on each aborted test, it may be difficult to defend the actions of your business. The repair order system is compliant with all regulations at

Smog Check Resources at

Below follows a list of industry resources found and


Free Smog Check Software compliant with CheckSmog-Ca-Gov

by Administrator 13. January 2014 07:41
We are now offering our smog check software for free including a three month trial membership in for all new customers.

Existing customers received their membership in for free as long as they are a customer of Demand Advantage.

Our Goal is to Bring you Business and Save You Time

Demand Advantage is all about small business. We want to help smog shops compete in the digital age by simplifying and automating Internet marketing tasks. We know you're busy. We know that technology can be confusing. We know you already have a business to run without having to learn a new business called Internet Marketing. So our software automates the repair order process to save you time running your business, and we provide tools to market on the Internet automatically.

Smog Shops must follow the same repair order writing process as auto repair shops as seen in the Write It Right Manual.

However smog shops must also follow other processes described at that repair shops do not. For example, under penalty of fine, smog shops must show that they offer to check their customers tire pressure. Failure to do so can incur a fine Per Invoice. If you cannot provide up to 3 years of records in 72 hours you will not be in compliance with and the Air Resource Bureau requirements. Using a manual system how can you do this? Using a generic repair order system can you be sure you are in compliance? Can you pay the fine if you are not.

Grow your Smog Check Business with Demand Advantage in 2014

Using Shop Advantage growing your business is easier than ever. Call us now or check out our website at



by Administrator 21. August 2013 08:05

AB 2289 became effective in California with the start of 2013. If you are a smog check only station you should take a hard review the effect of these modifications on the market and the result on your business.

1. Smog Test Prices Will Likely go Down in 2013

AB 2289 enables vehicles that have a model year of 2000 or later to be be checked utilizing just info from their automobiles' on-board emissions computer system. All vehicles of that model year or later have exhaust diagnosis programming as on their car. It is this tracking system that is a typical reason for your "check engine" light showing on your dash panel.

Under current regulation, smog check locations make use of information from this computer system along with a pipeline test where a sensor is placed inside the tail pipeline and the automobile is tested on a dynomometer at certain car rates.

2. If You Own a Repair Facility You Cannot Operate a Smog Test Only Site at the Same Location.

The language in the licensing for Smog Test Only locations disallows the grant of the license if the company holds an interest in a repair facility in the same location.

Many smog test locations also offer some type of quick oil change service. If you have a Smog and Lube location you will not be able to renew your smog test only license if you continue to offer auto services.

3. Who Wants Less Money.

Offering more services mean more money for you and more convenience for your customers.

4. More Industries Mean More Security

Doesn't "Why put all your eggs in one basket", make sense. If your company is entirely dependent on one type of company, smog tests for instance a decline that market can wipe your business out. In these unpredictable times, it makes sense to widen your services so that you can decrease this risk.

5. Demand Advantage - One System to Grow your Auto Service Business

DemandAdvantage allows consumers to discover and buy your service everywhere: mobile phones, internet searches, at your locations, and via e-mail and direct mail advertising. If you own a smog test only location and want to change to test and repair contact us, as our system DemandAdvantage complies with California BAR regulations for smog checks AND supports a complete auto repair or quick oil change service. Using our system you can quickly alter to a smog and lube and run and expand your company using one system.


Why We Do What We Do

by bschneider 28. March 2013 10:27

Having been successful in the flower and the insurance business, among others, I get questions all the time why I'm now so committed to Demand Advantage and helping our STAR certified, Smog Test Only, Auto Shop and Lube customers. My partner, Joe Vandertol, gets the same question. The reason is very simple. We LOVE the art of building successful companies. That's why we founded DA. 

I built my flower shop, Greenhouse Designs, into a major player in the entertainment business. Our flowers appeared on shows like Fantasy Island and Movies like Mommy Dearest. We were featured on Entertainment Tonight as the "florist to the stars" the year we did the Oscars. My Insurance business grew from a corner of my den into a multi-million dollar firm spanning four western States.

Joe's the technology guy. He built his multi-million dollar company by developing one of the most successful airline reservation systems in use today. Our experiences taught us some major lessons about what it takes to run and grow a business.

I remember the dinner that gave birth to DA.  We sat for hours talking about the years we spent building our companies; all the mistakes and all the successes. Ultimately we arrived at the same conclusion as to what it takes for a small business to succeed, not just marginally, but spectacularly.  It's not a secret, it's pretty much common sense. It's something most small business people already know but do not execute well. And that not so secret concept is to have a system that does the right thing, the same way, every time, over and over again. Accomplishing this is the singular challenge of every owner.

If you're reading this and own a Smog Test Only Station, or say a Lube Station, you know what I mean. You love your business. You love to work with your customers and do all the things that attracted you to the profession in the first place. But the busier you get the less time you have to do all those things that got you busy in the first place. This is the story of just about every small business. When we focus on sales, we get busy. When we get busy, we stop selling and spend all our time servicing. Pretty soon we get slow again because we were so busy serving customers we forgot (or did not have the time) to find new ones or do the things that keep existing ones coming back.

We found that most small businesses that actually do have systems are running them independently of one another. Many Test Only stations still use those expensive pre printed NCR forms required by the State of CA. They spend time filling out the form by hand, then entering it a second time into the computer. And then if they're really good, they'll come back later and enter the customer into a marketing database so they can send out e-mail reminders or coupons. But how many owners do that every time, all the time. Our research found that number is very small.

What we created with DA is a system that joins a very easy to use Point of Sale component with a single database that works with our e-mail, web site and coupon marketing engine. So using the example of the owner of a Test Only Station, not only will he stop throwing money away on paper forms, when he gets busy he won't have to worry about slowing down again because his marketing will all be automated. Our goal is to make his biggest problem trying to figure out how much he wants to expand in order to keep up with all the new and returning customers.

Yes there are companies that will send e-mails to your customers and yes there are companies that will build you a web site. There are even more who will sell you expensive point of sale software. But there is really only one company that does all that for one very low monthly subscription that, in the case of the Test Only Station is practically revenue neutral.

So this is why we do what we do. Based on years of experience, we've put together a system that automates so many of the things we struggled with in our own ventures. Every day Joe and I get up and are excited to help our customers succeed. And there is no better feeling than seeing it happen.

Welcome aboard Tailpipes Smog!

by bschneider 28. March 2013 08:52

We're exited that Bob Ibrahim of Tailpipes Smog in Sacramento has joined the Demand Advantage family. We look forward to partnering with Bob and watching Tailpipes grow!

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Congratulations Reino Mobil

by bschneider 14. March 2013 09:53

Congrats on recieving your STAR certification from the California Smog Inspection Program! Onward and upward!


CETIA As An Important Voice for Our Industry

by bschneider 28. February 2013 11:57

Over the last little while I've been corresponding with Susan over at the California Emissions Testing Industries Association. I can't emphasis enough how important CETIA is to Test-Only and Star Certified Stations. Susan and her team have been doing important things in Sacramento to protect the Test-Only Industry. Since Star Certified and Test-Only Businesses make up so many of our customers, we want to help CETIA in its mission. We feel this is one more way that Demand Advantage can help grow our customers' buinesses.

We will be looking into rolling out a promotional campaign that helps CETIA increase its membership. The more Star and Test-Only Stations have a voice through CETIA, the stronger we will all be. Keep checking back for exciting news related to our new campaign!   In the meantime, point your browser over to and see for yourself all the great things they're doing.

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Welcome Lincoln Smog!

by bschneider 28. January 2013 09:01

We're happy to report that Neeraj Chadha of Lincoln Smog has joined the Demand Advantage family. The website looks great Neeraj!  We're so glad to be working with you to make your business even more successful than it already is!

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