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What Is and How Can a Free Coupon Website and Repair Order System Help

by Administrator 19. January 2014 14:31

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Many people don't know about the industry resources available to both consumers and businesses regarding the California smog check program. Many of these important resources are found at This article will cover two basic topics: For the smog check industry the article describes the information available at to help you run your business plus important information about Smog Advantage a FREE smog check repair order system with a FREE 90 day trial for smog check coupons to help drive more business to your smog shop location.

Save Hundreds of Dollars Using this FREE Repair Order and Smog Check Coupon Website that is Compliant

Did you know that after ads and local search Google displays as few at 10 listing on the first page of an Internet search. Are there more than 10 smog shops nearby your shop? Did you know that most people never get past the second page of a search on Google. If your shop is not on page one or two you are not seen by the majority of people looking for your business. How many calls do you receive each day claiming to place you on page one? Do you believe them?


Most people don't enter their location, they just search for smog check, or smog test. Competition for a listing on page one is very fierce. But now you can place on page one without paying an arm and a leg and save hundreds of dollars at the same time. Use our inexpensive smog check portal We are offering a free 90 trial. Pay nothing for 90 days and if we don't bring you business then you still pay nothing. In addition we give your a FREE smog check repair order system that allows you to save hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars a year. Plus this same software allows you to manage all of your coupons and reviews at Add some simple javascript in and the same coupons are on your site.

Don't Get Fined - Use a Smog Check Program that is Compliant with Regulations at

In addition to following the same rules as all other auto repair dealers, smog shops must also display two critical items as described at The Air Resource Board (ARB) requires that the response of customer for a tire pressure check is documented on the invoice. If this information does not appear you are subject to a fine for each infraction. How many invoices to you print a month. How many have tire pressure information on them? You also must document the outcome of the test: Pass, Fail or Abort and the certificate number. Aborted test are particularly important in the age of the STAR program. The BAR views aborted tests suspiciously as it could mean the technician aborted the test to avoid having to fail the vehicle. If you don't maintain documentation on each aborted test, it may be difficult to defend the actions of your business. The repair order system is compliant with all regulations at

Smog Check Resources at

Below follows a list of industry resources found and


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