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5 Reasons Why Smog Advantage is Better Than Smog Master Software

by Joseph Vandertol 3. October 2016 17:31

OK There are More Than 5 Reasons But We Had to Start Somewhere

If you are reading this blog post you are already interested in moving your business forward and using computerized work orders over paper work orders.  We have tried very hard to make sure our software helps your business and we continue to improve it month on month with new features.  So we know you guys are busy so we'll get right down to it.  The first reason that Smog Advantage is better than Smog Master Work Order Software is:

1. We are Cheaper Than Smog Master and Cheaper Than Paper

We listed this reason first because we wanted you to say, "Wow, they have all these features that Smog Master Software doesn't AND their cheaper.  Wow".  That's the truth, we do everything Smog Master Work Order System does AND WAY More.  Plus we charge a flat rate while Smog Master Software charges per work order.  That means the more you make the more Smog Master Software takes.  With every additional smog you do, you pay us less per smog.  Finally, we also charge you less, as of the writing of this article, the minimum fee for Smog Master Work Order System is 50 dollars.  Smog Advantage is just 39/mo if you do less than 10 smogs a week and only 49/mo if you do more.   Never more.  Which mean as you work harder, you keep more in your pocket.

2. We Create Work Orders Faster and Let You Work Your Way

Smog Advantage has three different interfaces: A traditional desktop interface like Smog Master Software; a tablet version and a self-service kiosk.  We know that different shops run their business differently and so we provide a way for our software to work the way you want to.

Self Service Kiosk

Many shops hand a paper work order to the customer and have them fill out the work order while they are smogging another vehicle.  While sliding the customer drivers license is fast and works for many shops, it may not be what you want to do.  That's why we have a kiosk verison where the customer can fill in their vehicle and address information just like they do with a paper work order.  When you're ready, you simply add the smog price and the customer signs either a paper work order printed from the desktop or signs the tablet and the signature is digitized into the work order.  If you get their email, we'll send a reminder to come visit your shop free.

Smog Advantage Mobile

Our tablet version lets you create a work order complete with a digitized customer signature on any Windows, Android or Apple mobile device.  A tech can walk around and create work orders even using their phone.  With a bluetooh scanner you can also scan DMV notices, BUT as with all our interfaces, you can also decode complete vehicle information by simply entering the vehicle license plate.

Smog Advantage Desktop

This was our first version of software and it is the most fully featured.  Simply swipe the customer drivers license, scan the DMV, or vehicle bar code OR, simply enter the vehicle plate and we will present the VIN, Year, Make and Model of the car.  We will also display the ARD, date the and the test result of the most recent smog test for the vehicle.  Testing a vehcile that fails which you have previously tested can affect your pass through STAR score.  We also show you the vehicle engine type, which sometimes is not shown on the vehicle so you can easily enter it into the testing machine.

3. We're In the Cloud

A number of our customer came to us after losing all their data due to a hard drive crash.  Our site is mirrored two servers and backed up continuously so that if one server fails the other will be available and your data is backed up every 5 minutes.  Not all web based solutions do this, some companies are hosted on cheap servers with very little security.  Like it or not we are all dependent on the Internet.  You can't even process credit cards if it goes down.  So why not be able to use it to your advantage.  Create a work order on one computer and continue working on it on another.  Have you service writer start the work order and then your tech completes it.  You can even check how many work orders your shop has done from your phone.  It's the beauty of the cloud. 

4. We Market Your Shop Automatically

If you get the customers email address we send out a reminder email to your customer 22 months from their last work order date.   The best way to keep your customers business is to contact them before they start looking elsewhere.  We provide this service for free!  In addition we can optionally send out post card reminders from one of our post card templates and we also do Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM).  EDDM sends a postcard out to every household in a target area for as low as 33 cents per post card.  A great way to build your business.

5. We Are Multi-Location Right Out of The Box

Since we are web based we are multi-location requiring no "Server" hardware and giving you full capability to manage your shops from anywhere not just reporting capabilities.  All related shop locations share vehicles and customers.  So once a vehicle is brought into any of your shops their information and the customer information comes up automatically.

There are many more reasons why Smog Advantage is the best smog check work order software for your shop.  For a side by side feature comparison of Smog Master Software vs Smog Advantage check out this page on our website:

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