Cusomizable web based point of sale system for your business

Point Of Sale for Smog Test

Is Your Point-Of-Sale System Limiting You?

  • Sell your product or service on-line
  • Automatically generate targeed marketing campaigns using actual customer purchase information
  • Provide customer memberships and specials
  • Be accessed from anywhere at any time from any computer with an Internet connection
  • Accessed via hand held and mobile phone devices
Point Of Sale for Smog Test

No Loss of Investment

  • Use your existing hardware.
  • Import customer and product information quickly and easily.
  • Instantly sell online as well as instore.
  • We'll incorporate specific features for your industry.
  • No more support headaches or high cost products.
  • Integrate into your existing web site.

Contact us now and we'll show you how quickly and inexpensively you can upgrade your Point-Of-Sale system.