5 Reasons to Stop Using Paper Smog Check Work Orders

by Administrator January 10 smog check

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I don't know about you but our customers want to be able to get a work order done fast.  Nothing slows a smog check down than writing.  Nevertheless it is amazing how many smog shops continue to use them.  This article takes a look at paper work orders and the true cost of using them.

We Save You More Money Than The Competition

We are all about small business. If your shop averages less than 10 workorder a day then we have special small shop pricing of $39.95 dollars per month. Small business is what makes America great and we want to do what we can to help. If you do 10 or more smogs a day on average per month we have great flat rate pricing of 49.95/month. Because we charge the same amount as your shop volume grows our cost goes down. That makes sense doesn't it, price with volume usually goes down. Other systems charge you the same meaning that as your grow their costs will grow at the same rate.

Our nearest competitor cost you nearly double easy flat rate pricing. Over 3 years that's nearly $4,000.00 dollars unneeded expense. Our system is easier to use, more flexible and fully featured. All this at a flat lower per monthly plan.

Paper Work Orders Cost You Sales

Every time you smog check a vehicle you should do everything you can to smog check the other vehicle that is in the household.  Most households in California have multiple cars, the average is 2 vehicles http://www.clrsearch.com/Sacramento-Demographics/CA/Number-of-Vehicles-per-Household.  Many smog shops do nothing to gather address or email information from their customers.  The logic is that it takes too long or is too hard to gather the info.  You already have the customer in the shop if you don't take the time to market a smog check for the other vehicle you are likely giving a customer away to your competitors.

If you use Smog Advantage from Demand Advantage we give you the option to run your business your way and make it easy to gather marketing information from your customers.

  1. Using a simple card reader you can swipe the customers drivers license and gather complete address information into the work order in a few seconds. 
  2. We have a field to enter a customers' email address.  Our customers have found that an easy way to gather this info is to say that you will email the invoice to them which will reduce pollution and help you be a "green" shop.
  3. If you don't want to gather this information the minimum data is first name, last name and a phone number to complete a work order.

If you can get the customers email address you can send email coupons and reminders to them using a CAN-SPAM compliant email system very inexpensively.  If you have their address information you can mail postcards.  Whatever you do, do something because doing nothing means you are likely losing a sale down the line.  If you are using paper work order this is exactly what you are doing, throwing opportunity away.

Automated Work Orders are Fast

Smog Advantage will automatically lookup or create a customer by scanning their drivers license.  Smog Advantage will automatically input year, make and model by decoding a VIN scanned from the DMV paperwork or even the vehicle door or body.  Smog Advantage can be used from a tablet meaning that you can bring the system where ever you are.  Finally and most importantly by gathering this information automatically you are also enabling your smog shop to market back to your customers.  Automating work orders are not for everyone.  Some people just like things the way they were.  But look around you, is this the same world it was even 5 years ago?  Realize you need to market your business more then ever to grow or even survive in this market and using Smog Advantage you can do that just by creating work orders.

But Wait - There's More Than Work Orders

check-smog.com website smog check locations and coupons

We know that smog coupons are the most common way to drive business to your shop.  So we offer an integrated smog check coupon site that allows you to manage your coupons from the same work order system.  You can check it out at http://www.check-smog.com.  It is a mobile friendly site which is important as a growing number of users seach the internet from their phones.  You can place one, two, three, coupons how ever many you want.  We give you 3 months free.  After a couple of smog checks every customer that comes in from check-smog.com is pure profit.

Smog Advantage runs multiple shops

Smog Advantage enable commission based technician reporting

Smog Advantage is cloud based web system that you can run from anywhere

Smog Advantage can be run from a tablet so you can scan VINs from vehicles in the service bay

Smog Advantage has www.check-smog.com an integrete coupon marketing site.

Smog Advantage is a CarFax partner which will market your smog shop in their CarFax network FREE!

So what are you waiting for, contact use at http://www.demandadvantage.com/Smog-Test-Software.html.


5 Reason Why You Should Be a Test and Repair Location

by Administrator August 21

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1. Smog Test Prices Will Decline in 2013

AB 2289 enables vehicles that have a model year of 2000 or later to be be tested using only information from their vehicles' on-board emissions computer. All vehicles of that model year or later have emissions diagnosis programming as part of their vehicle program. It is this monitoring system that is a common cause of your "check engine" light displaying on your dashboard.

Under current regulation, smog check stations use information from this computer as well as a pipe test in which a sensor is placed inside the tail pipe and the vehicle is tested on a dynomometer at specific vehicle speeds.

2. You Cannot be a Smog Test Only Location If You Hold an Interest in a Repair Facility.

The language in the licensing for Smog Test Only locations disallows the grant of the license if the company holds an interest in a repair facility in the same location.

Most smog test locations offer some type of quick test service as well. If you have a Smog and Lube location you will not be able to renew your smog test only license if you continue to offer auto services.


3. More Money is Better Than Less Money.

Offering more services for your customers enables your business to earn more revenue.

4. Depending on One Type of Business is Risky

The saying, "Why put all your eggs in one basket", really makes sense. If your company is completely dependent on one type of business, smog tests for example a downturn that industry can wipe your business out. In these uncertain times, it makes sense to broaden your services so that you can reduce this threat.

Demand Advantage - One System to Grow your Auto Service Business

DemandAdvantage allows customers to find and purchase your product everywhere: mobile phones, web searches, at your locations, email and direct mail marketing. Don't be leve behind. If you own a smog test only location and want to switch to test and repair contact us, as our system Demand Advantage complies with California BAR rules for smog checks AND supports a full auto shop service.. Using our system you can quickly change to a smog and lube and run and grow your business using one system. Demand Advantage is web based, nothing to install. We automatically market back to your customers so even while you sleep we're working to bring more business to your company.

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