5 Reason Why You Should Be a Test and Repair Location

by Administrator August 21

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1. Smog Test Prices Will Decline in 2013

AB 2289 enables vehicles that have a model year of 2000 or later to be be tested using only information from their vehicles' on-board emissions computer. All vehicles of that model year or later have emissions diagnosis programming as part of their vehicle program. It is this monitoring system that is a common cause of your "check engine" light displaying on your dashboard.

Under current regulation, smog check stations use information from this computer as well as a pipe test in which a sensor is placed inside the tail pipe and the vehicle is tested on a dynomometer at specific vehicle speeds.

2. You Cannot be a Smog Test Only Location If You Hold an Interest in a Repair Facility.

The language in the licensing for Smog Test Only locations disallows the grant of the license if the company holds an interest in a repair facility in the same location.

Most smog test locations offer some type of quick test service as well. If you have a Smog and Lube location you will not be able to renew your smog test only license if you continue to offer auto services.


3. More Money is Better Than Less Money.

Offering more services for your customers enables your business to earn more revenue.

4. Depending on One Type of Business is Risky

The saying, "Why put all your eggs in one basket", really makes sense. If your company is completely dependent on one type of business, smog tests for example a downturn that industry can wipe your business out. In these uncertain times, it makes sense to broaden your services so that you can reduce this threat.

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