Web Based Auto Shop and Automotive CRM System

Point Of Sale for Smog Test

Automated Work Orders

  • Easy-to-use, you'll be up and running in no time.
  • Automated work order/invoicing: Save $ and never buy another paper form.
  • Easy data entry: work orders filled out in seconds with almost no typing.
  • Get real-time updates of your sales, remotely, when you're away from your business.
  • Runs on multiple computers and multiple users for one low price.
  • Produces daily deposit reports and a host of valuable accounting data.
  • Save on credit card processing fees with our exclusive program.
  • Complies with all BAR regulations.
Email Marketing for Smog Test

E-Mail Marketing

  • Generate more business by capturing customer data and get them coming back time after time.
  • Boost demand for your services using our automated e-mail solution.
  • Stop spending so much for coupon advertising! Send email coupons directly from your software.
  • Track the success of your e-mail, ground mail and coupon marketing campaigns.
Auto Shop Advantage Call for Pricing
  • Easy-to-use! Be up and running quickly
  • Automated work-orders! Save money and time!
  • Reduce and simplify data entry.
  • Real-time sales updates! Track your business while you're away.
  • Multiple computers and users!
  • Daily sales and tax report!
  • Reduced credit processing charges.
  • Complies with BAR regulations.
Auto Shop + Web Advantage Call for Pricing
  • Effectivlely Market to your customers.
  • Boost Demand for your services.
  • Reduce dependency on coupons sites
  • Track coupon effectiveness
  • Professional web site
  • Company email
  • Optimized for search engines
  • Real-time sales updates