Smog Master work order software vs Smog Advantage™ FAQ

Smog Master software is a desktop based work order system for the smog check industry. If you compare Smog Master software to Smog Advantage™ one of the major differences is that Smog Advantage™ is a base rate $39/per month for the first 250 work orders where Smog Master charges .20 per work order. A busy shop doing 20 work orders 6 days a week will pay over $100 dollars a month. The second difference is that Smog Master installs on your computer and while Smog Advantage™ is web based with data in the cloud redundantly backed up in a database on the west coast and one on the east coast. Since Smog Advantage™ is web based you can access the same work order from multiple computers at your location while only one computer can run Smog Master at a location.

We believe you should pick the software you believe is right for your smog shop. Now we believe the logical choice is Smog Advantage™, because Smog Advantage™ costs less that Smog Master work order software, has more features than Smog Master software and is easier and more convenient to use that Smog Master work order software. Plus, if you have a repair shop, Smog Advantage™ does auto repair work orders too.

We understand that you want to make the best decision, so to help we have created a simple chart below comparing Smog Master sofware to Smog Advantage™ on features. If after comparing Smog Master work order software to Smog Advantage™ you still want to use Smog Master software that's great. But if you want value and features

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All These Feature

And we are always at least 20% less than Smog Master

Smog Advantage™
$ 39. 00*
Smog Master Software
$ 83. 00*
*Base Rate plus .15 if you do more than 250 work orders a month to a maximum of 69.00/month
Monthly Work Order Count Smog Advantage Subscripton Smog Master Cost Savings
300 work orders 39.00 50.00 23%
400 work orders 61.50 80.00 23%
450 work orders 69.00 90.00 23%
500 work orders you never pay more 69.00 100.00 31%
600 work orders 69.00 120.00 43%
Base rate $39/mo.
Smog Master software charges .20/invoice. Smog Advantage is ALWAYS less expensive by at least 20%. Because we cap our subscripton at 69.00 the more work orders you do, the less you pay.

Plus we are the ONLY system to decode customer information from the drivers license bar code and decode vehicles from a license plate. We are FASTER and have more options to run your shop the way you want to.

Fill in customer address from drivers license by scanning bar code. Way more reliable!*
Fill in customer address by swiping drivers license magnetic strip.
If you have to type in address fill in from Google Maps® after just a few keystrokes!
Decode vehicle from DMV barcode.
Decode vehicle from vehicle license plate.
Display vehicles last smog test result
Daily reports
Integrated online appointments. Click and the name and address info entered by customer on your web site is entered into your work order!*
Multi location without additional software
Use with Smog Repair Shop
Tablet version
Visual Inspection Checklist
Customer signs on tablet and signature stored
Self service kiosk version
Custom invoice formats
Real-time data backup up automatically
If your hard drive crashes can you loose all your data
Access your shop from anywhere
Free smog check coupon advertising
Automatic email reminders
Automatic text message reminders (available 6-2018)
* This feature is an optioal add on
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