3 Top Reasons to Stop Using Paper Smog Check Work Orders

I don’t know about you but our customers want to be able to get a work order done fast. Nothing slows a smog check down than writing. Nevertheless it is amazing how many smog shops continue to use them. This article takes a look at paper work orders and the true cost of using them.

1. We are Faster than paper

If you run a smog shop you know it’s all about smogging cars quickly. Before a vehicle can be worked on, you need to have a customer authorization. The faster you can create a work order the faster that vehicle is in the service bay. We believe that software shouldn’t dictate how you run your shop, so we offer a number of different ways to get the work order created quickly:

  • Scan the drivers license bar code and automatically entered the customer’s contact information
  • If you type the customers info, we auto-fill the address after just a few characters typed.
  • No DMV paperwork, no problem. Enter the plate number and we will decode VIN, year, make and model. When available, we will give you additional information such as the engine size and fuel type
  • We remember previous customer information and find their vehicles and contact information for you.

2. We are cheaper than paper

We price our software so that we are always cheaper than paper. The average multi-part paper work order costs 20 cents. If you have a smaller shop doing around 250 work orders, we lower our subscription to 39/mo. If you a bigger we have a flat rate of 49/mo. We are always less than paper and because we charge a flat rate, if your shop does 500 smogs on average we are less than 10 cents a work order.

3. Automatically market to your customers

If you get your customer’s email address, we will send out a biennial email reminder automatically and no cost. If you contact your customer before they start looking elsewhere, you are more likely to get them back in your bay at the same price. Don’t remind them, and they may be your competitors customer.

So, check out smog advantage. You get a 30 day free trial. Plus if you are just starting your shop, or currently using a competing system, we’ll give you 90 days free!

Why wait? Sign up for your free trial now https://demandadvantage.com/index.aspx

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